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Enna Shoes = Elena = Inspiration

From this wonderful child with this wonderful name, the idea of building a shoe that combines two extremely important things was born, the parent’s need to offer a shoe that perfectly fits the perfect little feet, and the second aspect is just as important, namely that the child, especially in his first steps, wants to wear the shoes as much as possible.

We say this from our own experience, it was very difficult to convince Elena to accept something on her feet, but even more difficult to resist being dressed for more than a few minutes. That’s where the wonderful idea appeared, an idea thought, felt in the family for the family at first, to make a pair of shoes for us, to see what comes out. The result was nice, we liked it, but the most important thing was to see if the little girl accepted them, and ohhh, we were amazed to see her put them on by herself, she didn’t want to take them off, she kissed them, caressed them, as if they had become her favorite toy.

Experience in footwear for over 20 years is true for adults and made its presence felt instantly, fine lines, impeccable stitching, carefully crafted pieces (manual at that time), a carefully and perfectly fitted sole made these shoes look like ornaments to be placed on beautiful furniture, and here stand the testimonies of the wonderful mothers of later times. So this is where the beautiful love story between us and the shoes began, and what is more beautiful than thinking, building something for children, especially for children who are just beginning to walk. Thank you to all those who have trusted us in the quality of the products offered.

Natural Leather

Natural leather remains the most appreciated material due to the benefits it offers. Excellent breathability offered to the feet, flexibility, and last but not least, it offers an elegant and luxurious look. We take care to use the best quality leather from premium suppliers.

Being a natural material, leather breathes very well, the material is soft, flexible, and easy to work with when it is in the hands of the Masters who deal with the wonders created by Enna Shoes. To maintain natural leather, we recommend a few solutions: We use a shoe brush to clean the bulk of the dirt, after this action, we use a cotton cloth to wipe the fine layer of impurities, and finally, we apply a natural leather cleaning solution regardless of the brand used. After you finish, leave the footwear to dry, but avoid direct sunlight or radiator because it dries and deteriorates the leather a lot. One important thing! DO NOT WASH NATURAL LEATHER FOOTWEAR IN THE WASHING MACHINE!

The lining is made of vegetable-tanned leather without chromium to offer delicate feet increased comfort and safety. The outer sole used is made of very flexible natural rubber with excellent grip regardless of the surface.

Dedicated to both children who are starting to take their first steps and to those who are advanced, it allows for quick learning of walking because the reduced thickness that imitates “barefoot walking” favors the rapid feeling of the surfaces on which it steps, leading to a harmonious gait and the consolidation of the muscles of the feet.


Why handmade? The answer is to bring uniqueness, because every child is unique, and we want them to stay that way, to stand out from the crowd and separate from commercialism. All products are handmade, and through this, we offer a part of our life, time from our life!

Why give a handmade gift or purchase a handmade product? When you give someone a handmade gift, you are giving them soul, you are giving them a story, you are giving them a piece of a life, you are giving them an emotion. What other gift can carry these imprints? Regarding the price, we can say that although it may seem high compared to a mass-produced product, it is actually very low and in many cases only covers the materials and a small portion of the work and time allocated to creating the item, which are also precious because, as mentioned before, the creator is giving you a part of their life and time!


We encourage and support the wearing of our Barefoot shoes for children to step correctly and activate all sensory nerves and ankle muscles. Specifically, according to studies, 70% of sensory feedback comes from the feet and sensory nerves around the tendons!

According to Eric Trinkhaus, an anthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis, the first form of footwear is estimated to have appeared 40,000 years ago. Most likely made of thick antelope leather, these forms of footwear were used to protect people’s feet during hunting.

The 5,500-year-old Areni-1 shoe discovered in 2008 in excellent condition in the Areni-1 cave (Vayots Dzor, Armenia) is considered the first leather shoe. This one-piece shoe is very similar in style to traditional Balkan shoes known as “opinci” or “opanke.”

Like all indigenous shoes, these were barefoot shoes characterized by a thin sole shaped to the anatomical shape of the foot to move in full motor function. All indigenous footwear from that time, which we try and succeed to apply, have two things in common: flexibility and contact with the ground. Flexible means a complete response from the muscles and tendons, allowing for a natural elasticity of the step.

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